We use modern, safe canning techniques and keep our company at a high level of cleanliness to serve the community and the country’s needs. After over 100 years in business, Lodi Canning knows the safety measures a canning company must put in place to create food that is safe for human consumption across the country.

We monitor our water usage closely and consume only the minimum required for our production. We also recycle wherever possible for other agricultural uses in our fields and utilize as much of our solid food waste as possible.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points HACCP documents.

We are registered with the US Food and Drug Administration, which protects public health by ensuring that foods are safe, wholesome, sanitary, and properly labeled.

National Sanitation Foundation facilitates the development of public health standards and certifications that help protect food, water, consumer products, and the environment. NSF tests, audits, and certifies products and systems while providing education and risk management.

HACCP defines the requirements for effective food safety control and documents any hazards that affect this food safety. This training is essential for quality, composition, and labeling.

KOSHER Our products are kosher certified, meaning that all ingredients comply with kosher practices and standers. Additionally, the production process, along with all machinery, also falls within the kosher certification. 

BRCGS: The BRCGS Global Standard is a globally recognized company that upholds food safety, packaging and materials, storage and distribution, retail, gluten-free products, plant-based products, and ethical trading to the highest standard.